Summer Fellows exhibit in the Duke Gallery of the Community Arts Center. The show includes all of the artwork for my newly released book The Nautilus and the Ammonite, many works from my other book projects, some new ceramics, and the puzzle print/installation I made with 68 campers.
On view: June 23-July 20
Reception: June 24, 2pm to 4pm

The Nautilus and the Ammonite has just been published. Info on how to order your copy is coming as soon as I finish fullfilling all the pre-orders.

I have a small "postcard" print in the exhibition Kind of Blue, hosted by Heavy Bubble at ARTSPACE 1241 through July 28. Click here for more info.

I'm showing woodcuts at Metropolitan Bakery, 4013 Walnut Street location in August.  

I'm participating in Big Ink at the Fleisher Memorial on August 4th. 



Photo by Howard LeVant

My woodcuts respond to what I observe around me; children, their strange and delightful toys, as well as gardens, parks, and collections of taxidermy, fossils, and other specimens found in museums and books. The works explore stories and feelings as much as ideas. A single image might suggest symbolic narrative while simultaneously integrating naturalistic representation with formal abstraction. 

The projects I publish through my independent press are complete works of art that employ the structure of the book. A book is an intimate experience, yet it can connect the viewer to the broadest of themes. The immediacy of a picture and repeated visual forms that weave together a series of images engages viewers on a primal level. 

My ceramics are largely process-based pieces that explore the relationship between pinching techniques for hand-building and drawing on the resulting forms.