Photo by Howard LeVant

Artmaking is integrated into my daily life. The work responds to what I observe around me; my daughters and their strange and delightful toys, as well as gardens, parks, and collections of taxidermy, fossils, and other specimens found in the museums and books I pore over. My woodcuts explore stories and feelings as much as ideas. A single image might suggest symbolic narrative while simultaneously integrating naturalistic representation with formal abstraction. The visual elements serve the subject matter in ways that invite the viewer to explore deeper concepts.

In addition to the works on paper which are the mainstay of my studio practice, the volumes I publish through my independent press are complete works of art that employ the structure of the book. Visual storytelling is a powerful form of communication. A picturebook is an intimate experience, yet connects the viewer to the broadest of themes. The immediacy of a picture and repeated visual forms that connect a series of images engages viewers on a primal level.